Shane Tutmarc - "Out of the Dark" (video) (premiere)

The Nashville singer-songwriter's latest single takes a more abstract turn than before.

In advance of his 2016 debut album Nashville singer-songwriter Shane Tutmarc has been releasing one single per month over the course of 2015. We at PopMatters are no strangers to the musician, as we premiered "So Hard to Make an Easy Getaway" a couple months ago. Now he's back with a video for the dreamy, ethereal "Out of the Dark", a much different departure from the powerpop of the aforementioned track.

"'Out of the Dark' is probably my favorite song of the singles series so far," he tells PopMatters. "And I think it's pointing the direction for the next direction in my music. More abstract, less concerned with a linear narrative, more hypnotic, but yet also more personal in a way too. Other than the drums, I played everything on it, so the sound we got feels more idiosyncratic than some of the other songs that had more cooks in the kitchen. With the music video I combined footage from Harry Smith's 'No. 11: Mirror Animations' from 1956 which I re-edited and altered quite a bit, and combined it with footage from the 1965 Academy Award winning short film, 'The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics', which I also edited and re-filtered. Contrasting footage from these two works gave me the feeling of isolation and chaos that I feel from the song."

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