Shannon McArdle Explores the Absurdity of Security via "Grand Execution" (premiere)

Photo: Garry Velleteri / Courtesy of Think Press

Shannon McArdle steers listeners through uneasy waters on lead single from third solo effort, A Touch of Class releasing on 24 August.

Shannon McArdle's third solo album, A Touch of Class, arrives August 24. The first single, "Grand Execution" reveals that everything we love about McArdle remains intact a decade on from her first LP, The Summer of the Whore. She has a willingness to tell the truth through pain, a singing voice that alternately seems ethereally and all too human, an ability to make her case with economy and knowing in a way that is familiar but never trite.

McArdle says that the song explores the "absurdity of security", adding, "It was inspired in large part by the loss of someone I loved deeply a couple years ago. I suppose it's an exploration of that desperation we feel in attempts to hold on to that which makes us feel we're not alone. I question if I'm not complicit in the execution of many of my most profound losses."

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