Shapes in Calgary Release Their Grievances "In French" (premiere)

Photo: Ariana Ciorciari

Brooklyn quartet Shapes in Calgary develops an impassioned piece of electropop music centered around a crumbling relationship.

Founded by spouses, singer-songwriter Alyssa and producer Gary Atturio, Shapes in Calgary's origin story is all about organic development in a world of synthetic sound. The Brooklyn duo's humble beginnings saw them creating electropop music in a tiny home recording studio, but they have since impressed the likes of their friends, drummer Tim McCoy and guitarist Bill Libby. Since becoming a four-piece, the Atturios, McCoy, and Libby have expanded Shapes in Calgary's sound from gaunt demos into fully-realized works of lightly rock-laced electronic dance music.

With a dash of irony, the happily married musical couple have developed a convincingly astringent breakup tune for their newest single. Preceding the release of their sophomore EP, the Shapes in Calgary quartet are debuting lead single "In French" with PopMatters. The song features shimmering synth of all stripes, progressively building into an all-at-once breezy and impassioned piece. All of the electropop sentiment charges forward with a fittingly reflective, regretful vocal delivery from Alyssa, pairing well with the strokes of rock sensibility that pop up through the song's understated tenacity.

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