Sheldon Allman - A Modern Harmonic Industrial Film (premiere)

Sheldon Allman's quirky 1960 LP Folk Songs For the 21st Century is getting a re-issue on May 12th and today we premiere the documentary.

On May 12, Sundazed and Modern Harmonic will re-issue sci-fi rockabilly cult favorite Sheldon Allman's Folk Songs For the 21st Century. The album originally released in 1960 and was a quirky record of what the label calls "atomic-age country, radioactive rockabilly, and other-worldly melodies".

It's a concept album very much of its Cold War time period when the space race was in its infancy and new whizz bang inventions were cropping up all over the place. While the new technology was exciting, the nuclear threat born of recent tech haunted society in the midst of the atomic age. So we get songs about space and destruction.

Allman had an interesting career to say the least, as he was also an actor, the singing voice of Mr. Ed, and penned the theme song for George of the Jungle.

As Sundazed and Modern Harmonic re-release so many historically important and fascinating records from genres like rock, soul, country, blues and more, they have begun a new project of creating mini documentaries for all of their releases. Today we bring you the premiere of their very first mini-doc, this one devoted to the work of a unique legend, Sheldon Allman.

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