Shiny Wet Machine - "Euphoria" (audio) (premiere)

Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fitts are Shiny Wet Machine and this is "Euphoria".

We are pleased to premiere Shiny Wet Machine’s latest track, “Euphoria". The track is the latest in a series of songs the duo, consisting of Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums), has rolled out in recent months. Blending elements of lo-fi and garage rock, Shiny Wet Machine provides listeners with short, fierce bursts of energy that are undeniably appealing.

“Some of us have this hedonistic ache inside of us," says Rocket, “and if you have it, you know how difficult it can be to satisfy the feeling. All of my idols had it. I know because our eyes glimmer the same way.” She continues, “I wrote this one with Alex about that feeling, about just wanting to lose yourself completely in whatever it is that makes you feel absolutely euphoric and fantastic and immortal.”

“Euphoria”, it seems, is one of the first steps in Rocket and Fitts finding those sometimes elusive feelings. Learn more about Shiny Wet Machine.

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