Photo: Emil Cohen / Courtesy of Crown Jul PR

Shira Elias Brings the Goods With “NAH” (premiere)

Shira Elias emerges with "NAH", a confident, funk-fueled single from her upcoming solo debut EP, GOODS.

Shira Elias is best known for her work with Turkuaz. Together with the nine-piece funk outfit, Elias has recorded six albums with them to date between touring the world. The band are still going strong, having just released a feature-length film, None’s a Ton, based on their live concert experiences last month. It’s a big year for Elias, who’s been simultaneously working on her solo debut in the lead-up to the film and its soundtrack. Coming in the form of an EP entitled GOODS, Elias tells the story of her growth coming up in New York City. All the while, she retains the soulful pop stylings that she’s renowned for.

Her new single, “NAH”, radiates with a confident fire in Elias’ performance. Her commanding vocal delivery throughout the funk-driven R&B track, with its heavy bassline and clap-along beat, recalls such greats as Whitney Houston. She tells PopMatters, “The idea behind ‘NAH’ comes from a personal mantra that I started telling myself every time I got caught up in other people’s shit: ‘It ain’t about you.’ When you know that to be true, then what other people say, do, or think has no effect on you, and you’re free to be the badass person you are. This tiny phrase changed my whole game, so I decided to put it over a super funky track, call the homies to play on it, and spread the good word.”

GOODS will be available for preorder on 1 May.