Silver City Bound - "I Wanna Get Drunk" (audio) (premiere)

New York's Silver City Bound play a fun, eclectic brand of Americana that blends in folk, zydeco and a bit of indie rock. You know you can rarely go wrong when there's an accordion involved. The group's last record, Diner in the Sky, won Best Americana Album of 2015 from the Independent Music Awards. Silver City Bound's new EP Take My Picture releases March 4th and they'll be playing a special record release party that night at Brooklyn’s Barbes.

Justin Pointdexter tells PopMatters that "'I Wanna Get Drunk' is a dive bar anthem. It's a theme song for the underdogs, and a kiss off to pointless bureaucracy and soul-sucking city living. Get back to the basics: beer, friends, dirt, dancing. We personally dedicate this song to everyone who wants to get away from the crap and rediscover the simple pleasures. We recorded this song during a time of intense transition. To be a musician in these times is complex to say the least. We were under a lot of pressure, and this song is about breaking free and getting our vibe right."

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