Silver Lake 66
Photo: Jason Quigley / Courtesy of the artist

Silver Lake 66 Deliver Emotional Americana Ballad “I’ll Sing the Blues” (premiere)

Americana duo Silver Lake 66 preview their upcoming album, The Space Between Us, with their moving new single, “I’ll Sing the Blues”.

Like many of their contemporaries, Silver Lake 66 turned to music in the face of an ongoing global pandemic. Their solace is communicated in the heartfelt Americana of their third album, The Space Between Us, releasing on 17 June. During this dark period, the duo took to learning new tricks. Alongside their usual guitar and vocals, Maria Francis plays drums on a Silver Lake 66 record for the first time while Jeff Overbo approaches lap steel and dobro performances. Mixer and engineer Bryan Daste offers pedal steel to the ensemble, along with violinist and violist Kyleen King (Brandi Carlile), who plays on their new single, “I’ll Sing the Blues”.

“I’ll Sing the Blues” swells with emotion, striking a yearning chord worthy of an album closer. The rootsy ballad depicts inviting natural imagery and feels like a full emotive release for the band. Given their headspace while writing and producing The Space Between Us—and acknowledging ongoing issues that plague the world—it’s an encompassing, warm embrace from Silver Lake 66.