Photo: Heidi Alletzhauser

Simon Lunche Pours a Glass of Luscious “Cherry Wine” (premiere)

Soulful singer-songwriter Simon Lunche's "Cherry Wine" is a sweet and sumptuous, jazz-tinged single detailing a charming romance.

Influenced by a solo performance of Eric Clapton’s at age five, Berkeley, California singer-songwriter Simon Lunche developed a precocious knack for guitar. Since then, the artist has moved on to become the youngest ever to be endorsed by Gibson, earning a name for his stylings on a vintage ’56 Stratocaster. Lunche’s newest single, “Cherry Wine”, is a testament to his knack for crafting rich arrangements that are not afraid to indulge in soul leanings.

Detailing a dance between two lovers, a charming, sensual romance naturally unfurls throughout the song as they sway throughout the evening. At its center is Lunche’s own luscious vocals, producing lustrous guitar licks along the way that help carry the tune forward. Rounding it up is bass from Sean Hurley and backing vocals from Tiffany Palmer and Brandon Winbush, sealing the deal on a brand of music that Lunche acknowledges as “soul pop”. Crystalline production from notable Dave Reitzas (Carole King, Barbra Streisand) helps in successfully conveying the right emotions from Lunche and his collective.