Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Simon Lunche Examines Loneliness in the Sensuous “Red Delicious” (premiere)

Simon Lunche's "Red Delicious" is soulful, seductive pop that expresses a yearning, desperate love.

Where Simon Lunche impressed with the smooth, soulful stylings of “Cherry Wine” early last year, the Bay Area artist is now singing in a separate shade of red. The sensual “Red Delicious” is his latest single, dazzling in a slinking, subtly R&B-informed performance that passionately expands upon his pop-ready sound. Lunche paints a picture of love and longing alongside a noteworthy musical cast, including bassist Sean Hurley (John Mayer) and drummer Aaron Sterling (Harry Styles). Its final mix was wrapped up by Dave Reitzas, whose previous sound credits include Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, and the Weeknd. Modern, but with a tinge of blue-eyed soul to boot, “Red Delicious” is a tender culmination of these different minds and influences.

“Red Delicious” is set to be released today, 13 July. It is the first single from Lunche’s forthcoming LP, Never Knew the Night, which is described as a romantic coming-of-age album. On the tune, Lunche tells PopMatters, “At its core, this song is about loneliness. Feeling so alone that you’re daydreaming only of being wrapped so tightly in somebody else’s loving that it’s almost toxic. That ‘kiss me ’til it’s hard to breathe’ type love.”