Sinkane – “Telephone” (Singles Going Steady)

Sinkane's "Telephone" is infectious in the best way, and even this early, a contender for best single of 2017.

Adriane Pontecorvo: Sinkane brings the electric funk from start to finish on “Telephone”, an ultra-hip blast of dance music and brassy soul. There’s something about it that sounds familiar in the best way; Sinkane’s voice is smooth and classic, and the sparkly synth blips come together with more traditional instruments in a way that sounds perfectly organic and stunningly balanced. This is what we need to kick off 2017: a song that never loses momentum, a chorus to sing along to, and a video made of neon lights and sheer elation. This is infectious in the best way, and even this early, a contender for best single of 2017. [10/10]

Andrew Paschal: Sinkane’s latest is an infectious, delightful funk-pop number, made all the more beguiling by its sense of humor and apparent rapture with different sounds and the energy they create. Usually, when a horn section comes in halfway through a song it’s a sign of spiraling out of control or becoming overinflated, but here Sinkane pulls it off effortlessly. Even the faint electronic sizzling, the first sound we hear which also persists as an undercurrent throughout, was perfectly chosen and executed, the smallest detail that helps it all congeal. [7/10]

Paul Carr: Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) follows up the supremely catchy “U’Huh” with another dancefloor stomper. The song revolves around a simple but inescapable funk guitar riff as Sinkane calls out a girl for only calling him when she wants something. The song is a slinky funk-disco rush with a unswervingly confident chorus buoyed by scintillating saxophones. It’s the kind of chorus that you swear you’ve heard before. One that you are powerless to escape from as it settles into your brain, before letting loose on your nervous system, forcing your whole body to whirl and twist along. A thoroughly impressive feat that bodes well for his new album. [8/10]

Chris Ingalls: Sinkane manages to incorporate a funky, robotic beat that sounds like an updated, more intricate version of “Heart of Glass”. It’s certainly not faceless, one-dimensional dance music — tasty horns, inventive bridges and some killer guitar lines all give the song a deeper complexity once you give it some time. [7/10]

“Telephone” is from Sinkane‘s new record Life & Livin’ It that releases 10 February via City Slang.

SCORE: 8.00