Photo: Kaitlin Gladney

Skout Bare “These Bones” in Their New Music Video (premiere)

New York indie folk duo Skout shines a light on the struggle to be emotionally vulnerable in their intimate performance of "These Bones".

The night after they first met on an East Village stoop in 2014, Laura Valk and Connor Gladney performed their first gig together as
Skout. Since then, the indie folk duo has gone on to gather a bevy of accolades under their belts. That includes, but is certainly not limited to, gathering the attention of notable singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson and having him produce their EP Again Anew. Following that 2016 release, Valk and Gladney are excited to be turning out new music, which includes the emotionally compelling “These Bones”.

The song is a statement on the struggle to bare your emotions to someone and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It isn’t easy, and
Valk and Gladney waste no time in breaking down the idea it’s a process that anyone can go through without their fears and anxieties. They convey this musically in their beautifully intimate delivery, building from a tentativeness in its beginning moments into a burst of wide-open, rootsy expression at the peak of the song’s crescendo. Watching them come alive in the performance they deliver through its official music video is especially compelling.