Skye Steele - "All That Light" (video) (premiere)

Photo: David Jackson

Nashville folk artist Skye Steele goes for human connections in his new video "All That Light".

“All That Light” is the latest single and title tune from Nashville singer-songwriter Skye Steele’s most recent album. Directed and choreographed by Steele’s longtime friend Megan Schneeberger, a founding member of Chicago’s the Space Movement Project dance company, the clip was conceived as a re-imagination of a dream where one might find themselves in public and in their underwear. No shame, though, as everyone’s in their underwear. More than that the piece celebrates missteps, mistakes and the joy of dance itself, the promise of deeper human connections.

“I've been a fan of Megan's work with the Space Movement Project for a long time,” Steele says, “and last year I got to compose a piece for them, which was an exciting collaboration. Megan is also originally from the Bitterroot Valley in Montana where I wrote this record, so she has an intimate connection to where these songs are coming from. The biggest surprise from the shoot was how high I got from spending all day with these amazing dancers swirling around and all over me. It was this very pure body-mind high, and you can see it on my face in the video, which is funny but also perfect for a song about the ecstatic oneness of matter and energy and all creation.”

The track features Stevie Weinstein-Foner on vocals in the chorus and further contributions to that end from producer/co-writer Cassorla (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Blitzen Trapper, Taylor Goldsmith). It’s easy to imagine the song, with its soaring chorus and easy to remember hook, will become a crowd favorite, one that’s easy to lend your voice to in celebration of the audio/visual message of community and belonging.

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