Sleep Party People - "Lingering Eyes" (audio) (premiere)

Denmark's Sleep Party People return with a fourth album and a dreamy new single, "Lingering Eyes".

Denmark's Sleep Party People is the musical project of one Brian Batz who creates a dreamy type of pop blended with a bit of ambient and shoegaze. The result is mesmerizing and otherworldly with fragile, measured melodies where only the essentials are in place. There's no extraneous fluff to Sleep Party People's dream pop as every note and phrase serve its purpose.

This Friday, Sleep Party People will release its fourth album, Lingering, via Joyful Noise. The record features appearances from the Antlers’ Peter Silberman and Air vocalist Beth Hirsch and examines feeling of doubt in one's life. "Lingering Eyes" is a gorgeous love song that Batz wrote for his girlfriend all about how the power of love can alter life in the best ways. Batz says, "I wanted to express myself in a more metaphoric way and let people know how I'm experiencing the impact of falling in love and letting go in a more visual way. And also how life suddenly makes more sense. Everything seems brighter and more colorful. Not only inside yourself but also how you look at the world. I think that's the most incredible feeling that can emerge in life."

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