Sleeptalk Get Melodic and Emotional on New EP, 'Desert Daze' (premiere)

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Already a radio favorite in Los Angeles, Sleeptalk prepare to branch out with their highly melodic and deeply infectious brand of rock. Hear their new EP Desert Daze now.

Sleeptalk's new EP, Desert Daze, arrives 31 July. The collective's high energy pop sensibilities, replete with infectious choruses and deeply emotional lead vocals, come to the fore on this recording, demonstrating how the Los Angeles outfit has come to become a staple on Los Angeles' venerable KROQ. Whether "Feeling You", "Stuck in Time", or "dontbesoblue", one quickly understands that Sleeptalk perform with conviction and imagination.

The band recently offered up a track-by-track breakdown of their new release.

"Stuck in Time"
"Stuck in Time" is the introduction to the Desert Daze EP that gives the listener the new direction of Sleeptalk. It is one of the most experimental tracks on the EP because a lot of the background noises were recorded on an iPhone during a drive home on the freeway. We also recycled a lot of various guitar tracks from other Sleeptalk songs such as "I Hope You're Doing Well" and "Indio, California" and added a ton of guitar effects that gives the listener the feeling as if they were stepping into a euphoric trip of moving forward.

"dontbesoblue" was one of the first songs we wrote for the EP. The concept for this song came together when our band was looking to refresh ourselves from previous obligations along with me coming out of a long-term relationship. Relationships of any sort can get exhausting at times and get to the point where a fresh start is ultimately needed. This song is about that much needed fresh start and moving forward while finding yourself at the same time.

"Lights Down Low"
"Lights Down Low" is the prelude to "Feeling You" in which we took the bridge of the song and slowed it down and vocoded the vocals to give the effect of everything slowing down in your head while in a state of intoxication.

"Feeling You"
"Feeling You" is about vibing with someone in an intoxicated state of mind and how you feel in that specific moment in time with that someone.

"I Want All Your Time"
"I Want All Your Time" is about that feeling when you finally find that special person. You want to spend every single waking moment with them, and everything feels just right and perfect. We had many ideas and versions for this song and had a hard time getting it right. It was almost a throw-away song until the day we recorded vocals, and now it has a total 1980s love ballad vibe. It is hands down one of our favorite songs that we have written thus far.

"Desert Daze"
"Desert Daze" was inspired from a weekend getaway in the desert that the band essentially needed. We felt as if we were in a rut and wanted to clear our heads and write new music. So many people get lost in the daily motions of life that they forget what it's like to set your mind free. This song is about letting go and opening your mind to the world and living completely carefree.





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