Slowdive Sell Out Brooklyn and Release Bonus Song “30th June”

Although sound issues delayed their set on the second night, Slowdive put on an unforgettable show in Brooklyn, or rather two shows.

For me, the time between falling in love with an album (and possibly hearing the band for the first time, to be honest) and seeing that band perform live, has probably never been shorter than it was for Slowdive. Their 2017 come-back, self-titled release is one of my favorites of the year and one of PopMatters‘ Picks. Right from the get-go, with the first track “Slomo”, Slowdive had me hooked on a band over two decades old.

Fortunately, the band had scheduled shows to support the album including two nights at Brooklyn Steel. When the group finally took the stage after 9 pm, the audience collectively stood poised at attention. And Slowdive kicked off the show with “Slomo” but sadly, a couple of minutes in, one of the sound guys came on and pulled the band off-stage — there was an issue with a monitor or something. So I didn’t get the full cathartic experience of “Slomo” at the beginning, but I did hear a lot of powerful songs from their back catalog and the new gems, like “Sugar for the Pill”. And I wondered if the band would have made something as great if they had remained together for most of the past two decades.

Slowdive offered a deeper glimpse of their prowess a day or two after the show when they released a new video for a b-side, “30th June”. That song can be streamed below and photos from the band’s second Brooklyn Steel show follow below.


Slomo [stopped due to technical issues]


Catch the Breeze

Crazy for You

Star Roving

Blue Skied an’ Clear

Souvlaki Space Station


When the Sun Hits



Sugar for the Pill

She Calls

Golden Hair

[encore break]


No Longer Making Time

40 Days