Socalled feat. Jordanna Singer and Narcy - "Boyfriend Material" (video) (Premiere)

Photo: Richmond Lam

Montréal's own Socalled invents "a high school nightmare/dream with a Romanian flute loop hall pass" for the playful video to "Boyfriend Material".

In her 9 out of 10 review of Socalled's 2007 LP Ghettoblaster for PopMatters, Lana Cooper writes that the album "offers an eclectic and catchy blend of music for anyone with a true passion for all styles, particularly multi-layered fusion." Eight years later, the same remains true for the Montréal sonic innovator, as you can clearly hear on his recently released Peoplewatching. Of the album's ten tracks, no one better represents Socalled's sonic and visual eccentricities better than the youthful jubilance -- and libido -- of "Boyfriend Material".

Socalled says about the video and song, "This is for my tweens! This song is a pubescent fantasy, a high school nightmare/dream with a Romanian flute loop hall pass."

Peoplewatching is out now. Stream and purchase the LP via the BandCamp embed below:

May 23 2015 -- Sound City Festival, Liverpool, England

May 29 2015 -- Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, Québec, Canada

June 14 2015 -Kulturefest, Robert F. Wagner Junior Park (Free Show), New York City, USA

June 24 2015 -- Luminato Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 3 2015 -- Péribonka, Auberge Ile du Repos, Québec, Canada

July 4 2015 -- Tadoussac, Salle Bord de l’eau, Québec, Canada

July 5 2015 -- Saint-Fabien, Vieux Théâtre de Saint-Fabien, Québec, Canada

July 6 2015 -- Le Naufrageur, Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada

July 11 2015 -- ShazamFest, Ayer’s Cliff, Québec, Canada

July 14 2015 -- Cap-Aux-Meules, Pas Perdus, Québec, Canada

July 18 2015 -- Yidstock, Amherst, MA, USA

July 25 2015 -- Clagary Folk Fest, Calgary, Canada

5th August 2015 -- Festival Rock’n'Loule (near Valence), France

6th August 2015 -- Barokotreto Festival (near Nimes), France

8th August 2015 -- Hamburg, Germany

11th August 2015 -- Berlin, Germany

12th August 2015 -- Yiddish Summer Fest, Weimar, Germany

13th August 2015 -- Festival Theaterspektakel, Zurich, Switzerland

September 5 2015 -- Le Sous-Bois, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

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