Sofa City Sweetheart's "Stop the Thinking" Is an Ebullient Elegy for a Long-Distance Relationship (premiere)

Photo: Karma McCartney / Courtesy of Public Display PR

Born from his darkest moments, Juan Antonio Lopez flourishes as the forward-looking pop outfit, Sofa City Sweetheart, with the project's new single.

Juan Antonio Lopez isn't a quitter. The LA singer-songwriter behind the Sofa City Sweetheart-shaped mask has been fairly acquainted with hard times. At one point in the not-too-distant past, Lopez was simultaneously facing ridicule towards his music in college, a band breakup, his girlfriend moving away, the death of his godfather, and his two-year-old niece suffering from a brain tumor—which she has thankfully recovered from. As the story goes, when logic may have deemed his likeliest path to put a lid on Sofa City Sweetheart, Lopez surpassed expectations and powered through to even more fully embrace his passion.

That has culminated in his writing, arranging, recording, and engineering everything that goes into the Sofa City Sweetheart catalog. Blending influences of pop and rock, his newest single, "Stop the Thinking", features innately accessible melodies that culminate at the point of his autobiographical lyricism. Muted guitar tones and a vivacious horn performance keep a dynamism often missing in contemporary pop-rock, expanding beyond sugary hooks and towards a self-reflective message. Shot and directed by Karma McCartney and Lopez himself, its official music video focuses on fun in a desert landscape, good-humored western tones pervading throughout.

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