Folkie Sofia Talvik's "Wrapped in Paper" Is Dedicated to the Love of Her Life (premiere)

Photo: Isaac Cheong / Courtesy of Baby Robot Media

Swedish folk artist Sofia Talvik shares the latest track from her upcoming album, Paws of a Bear, with "Wrapped in Paper", dedicated to the love of her life.

Since debuting in the early aughts, Sofia Talvik has garnered recognition for her vocal clarity. A keen songwriter, the indie folk artist crafts beautiful soundscapes of subtle, rootsy timbres that place the pristine storyteller's voice at their center. In this case of developing savvy arrangements that highlight her haunting vocals, the roots music that Talvik develops is of a similar tapestry to Joni Mitchell, tapping into that same knack for soul-stirring clarity and resonance. Between, however, is something of a different nature. Open-air production sets the scene for an evocative and atmospheric release from the Swedish folk artist, coming in the form of an upcoming album, Paws of a Bear.

Ahead of Paws of a Bear's release, PopMatters is premiering Talvik's latest cut from the album, "Wrapped in Paper". Its lilting melodies serve a story just as sweet, since the song is a dedication to Talvik's sound technician and husband, Jonas. On "Wrapped in Paper", Talvik says, "Every year, I write a Christmas song. When I wrote this one, it didn't really turn out that way. It's about trying to find that perfect gift for someone and how you realize you can't really buy anything because the perfect gift is actually your love."

Paws of a Bear will release in the autumn of 2019.

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