Soham De Lays His Heart on His Sleeve in "1000" (premiere)

Photo: Matt Flynn

UK singer-songwriter Soham De is set to melt hearts with his latest music video, featuring an intimate performance of his EP's final single, "1000".

Earlier this year, PopMatters shined a light on Soham De's "Brave". The artist's smoky croon and earnest songwriting have been ensnaring UK audiences for years, but that particular single marked his online debut with much aplomb. This led the way for the release of De's debut EP, The Next Nowhere, in mid-October. During the time that it took for the King's Lynn/Durham singer-songwriter to record the album, he had also produced four separate, intimate videos to accompany them.

The Next Nowhere's final track, "1000", is the next to receive the music video treatment from De preceding select European tour dates shared with the Pierce Brothers. The pristine clarity of De's performance is only surpassed by the heart with which he approaches his song. Written and performed with utmost sincerity, it's clear that it probably doesn't take long for De to break down barriers and move audiences when he is capable of producing love songs like this. In Damien Rice-like fashion, De's plaintive, guitar-driven performances are more than enough to fill a room.


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