Soham De Shows Us What It Means to Be "Brave" (premiere)

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In his debut single, the UK festival favorite Soham De brings us soulful songwriting wrought with meaning.

In the age of instant gratification through digital streaming, it seems like few artists get by purely on word of mouth alone. Yet, such is the case with 20-year-old singer-songwriter Soham De. Despite seeing notable acclaim throughout the UK, the King's Lynn/Durham-based artist has not seen a single piece of music released online until today, with the PopMatters premiere of his debut single. "Brave".

It's finally time for the rest of the world to get the same taste of De's music that British festival-goers have for some time now, and thank goodness for that. Instantly, De warms the acoustic arrangement up with his soft, soulful grit, making for a delightful listen from top to bottom. Digging deeper into the song's subject matter, listeners will be treated to thoughtful songwriting wherein De looks at the idea of what it means to be brave, its accompanying video shining a light on a survivor of an acid attack in the process.


5th May - Live at Leeds

6th May - Hit The North

11th May - 1000 Island, London1

7th May - The Great Escape, Brighton

25th - 27th - Dot To Dot Festival

22nd Jul - Deer Shed Festival

1st Sept - Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht NL

2nd Sept - Patronaat, Haarlem NL

3rd Oct - Luxor Live, Arnhem NL

4th Oct - Reflector, Liege BE

5th Oct - Nochtspeicher, Hamburg GE

6th Oct - Metropol, Hengelo NL

7th Oct - De Oosterpoort, Groningen NL

9th Oct - Kesselhaus, Wiesbaden GE

10th Oct - Milla, Munich GE

11th Oct - Point Ephemere, Paris FR

12th Oct - Electric Ballroom, London

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