Sonny Elliot See the Good Inside of a "Misguided Angel" (premiere)

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UK duo Sonny Elliot's latest single is a slow-burning indie rock scorcher inspired by those who've lost their way.

Following as the third single from UK duo Sonny Elliot's forthcoming EP, Broken Glasses, "Misguided Angel" is a slow-burning scorcher inspired by those who have lost their way. Comprised of brothers Chris and Joe Peden, the indie rockers captivate with the tune's searing, gradual burn, guided forward by an echoing swirl of erstwhile guitars and percussion. They manage to encapsulate the dread and sorrow that those in the position they exemplify might very well be feeling, offering a bittersweet comfort in the dark with their delicate performance, washed in layers of atmospheric instrumentation.

Joe Peden tells PopMatters, "It doesn't take much for life to knock you off your pedestal if ego and temptation get in the way. 'Misguided Angel' is a song for someone who has lost their way in the world and because of this on the outside appears broken to those around them. Their true self is still deep inside; it just needs to find a way back to the surface. No matter how lost they get, I wanted them to know I will always see the good within them."

Sonny Elliot's Broken Glasses just released on 12 October, featuring additional instrumentation from Maria Grig (cello, violin) and Damjan "Stryfer" Kapor (bass).

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