Sonya Kitchell video premiere, George Clinton…

PopMatters Video Premiere

Sonya Kitchell

Borderline – Behind the Scenes Vignette [Video]

Go behind the scenes with Sonya Kitchell to hear all about the recording of “Borderline” from her new album, This Storm. Kitchell blends the sounds of the indie and adult contemporary worlds and has collaborated with jazz giant Herbie Hancock on a number of live events as well as a bonus track for last year’s Joni Mitchell tribute album, The Joni Letters. She kicks off a new tour on 24 September, backed by the Slip.

George Clinton

Ain’t That Peculiar [MP3]


Her Space Holiday

Sleepy Tigers [MP3]


Common Market

Tobacco Road [MP3]


Tomer Yosef

Underground [MP3]


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