Sophie Powers DeWayne
Photo: Courtesy of Alley Cat PR

Sophie Powers Calls Out “Greed” on Her Latest Electrorocker

Sophie Powers’ new statement anthem, “Greed”, explodes with raw, unbridled, teenage energy and passion. She has nailed her sound at 16.

Times are hard enough for young people with climate crisis angst, massive education costs, and widening racial and economic disparities affecting their lives negatively. The last thing they need are “greedy” life-sucking people who drain their life energy for their own selfish purposes. Teen rocker, Toronto’s 16-year-old Sophie Powers has hit a nerve with her music amongst GenZ, and her arrival is the announcement of a major new rock talent at a time when rock has seemingly been on the wane.

Powers debuted earlier this year with “Loney Army“, and she’s following it with the new statement anthem, “Greed”, a track that explodes with raw, unbridled, teenage energy and passion. Imploring, that she “wants it all right now”, Powers inhabits those parasitic forces as she rages alongside hip-hopper DE’WAYNE. Her confidence is hugely appealing and it’s rare for an artist so young to have nailed their sound so early in their career, but Powers has done it. Stand back.

Powers says, “I wrote this at a time in my life where I was surrounded by people who seemed to want more and more and more from me and for themselves. I would always have to do things in order to meet their needs and impress them. I hated the fact that I still wanted to impress them, despite how they treated me and others. I hated every greedy person and thing on this planet. Teachers who expect students to never fail. Adults who expect children to respect them no matter what. Friends who remain friends with you only if you have something they want. For what?? For their own personal gain! It was therapeutic taking all of the energy that had been sucked out of me by greedy people and just setting it ablaze in a song.”

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