Soul Dissolution Contemplates "Stardust" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Oliver Dahlbäck

Belgian metal unit Soul Dissolution issues video for titular track from sophomore release.

Belgium's Soul Dissolution returns with another track of epic black metal culled from the unit's recent Stardust LP. True to the group's vision, the new collection focuses more on hooks, dynamic shifts, and a more coherent vision. Although not a drastic change in direction it proves a drastic step in evolution. Drawing inspiration from Dekadenz, Winterfylleth and Forgotten Tomb, the material never forsakes Soul Dissolution's darkest roots.

The LP's title cut exemplifies guitarist/bassist Jabawock's forceful, driving riffs, which scorch and decimate the speakers like classic six-string slashes from the dawn of the genre. If part of black metal's charm is making the heart and earth stand still, Soul Dissolution has achieved its goal in that endeavor. Vocalist Acharan's delivery is equally harrowing, somewhere between conjurer and motivational speaker, he lends the track a fiery passion that carries the listener from end to end. (Session drumming was provided by Forge Stone, whose previous credits include Norse, Gods of Eden and The Amenta.)

Soul Dissolution's latest, Stardust, was released March 25 via Black Lion Records and may be purchased here.

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