Soul Inscribed Preaches a Message of Love and Inclusion on "Let Them In" (premiere)

Photo: Ken Fury (Score Press)

Soul Inscribed share a new single and video that pays tribute to America's immigrants and migrants and pleads for open borders and continued diversity.

New York soul/hip-hop band Soul Inscribed has created a beautiful new video for their song "Let Them In" that celebrates the diversity of America and the positive effects of immigration. Kicking the song off with Lakota hip-hopper Frank Waln who raps about the Native American experience and their exploitation by white settlers. Baba Israel, Soul Inscribed's MC, joins the proceedings calling for an opening of our borders and asserting that no one is illegal.

It's a stunning track with a video highlighting the gorgeous diversity of New York City and the creative energies that immigrants bring to this country, continually adding to America's rich stew of culture and progress. We need more of these messages of love and inclusion in these fraught times of increasing hostility to immigrants and migrants, all of whom make the US a better place for all of us.

Baba Israel explains, "Until we deal with the legacy of the genocide of indigenous communities and the enslavement of Africans we can not have a true moral conversation about immigration and about who is American? The song 'Let Them In', raises these themes and also calls to the highest spirit of this country to embrace a global view of community, a spirit of generosity, and of nurturing possibility. My grandfather came here fleeing the pogroms in Russia; my life is rooted in his journey. I want to advocate for the rights of a Syrian or Yemenite family to begin a new legacy here or a Mexican-American family who don't want to see their families torn apart."

All proceeds "Let Them In" sales will go to benefit undocumented immigrant activists via The Seed Project/Cosecha.

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