Photo: Courtesy of Practise Music

SOULS Captures the Spirit of the Past on the Electrosoul of “Glory” (premiere)

British producer SOULS and R&B/hip-hop artist RoRo team up for the hip-hoppy electrosoul of "Glory".

Seeing himself as a “custodian and a curator”, British producer and composer, David Gledhill (working as SOULS) takes recordings of long-forgotten voices and hauls them back into the present. Taken from his forthcoming second album Soon, new single “Glory” is a stunning example of this unique and very personal project.

Opening with the hiss and crackle of an old field recording from the deep south, Gledhill adds ringing trip-hop percussion, smooth electronics, and a lilting acoustic guitar line. Joined by Bajan-born artist RoRo whose vocals subtly shift from sharply rapped verses to a soul-stirring sung chorus. It’s a spellbinding combination as her soulful voice casts a lengthy, emotive shadow with every deeply personal line imbued with a sense of hope and salvation.

“It was such a thrill to get RoRo to feature on this song,” Gledhill says of the collaboration. ” I had hoped she would add some rap verses to what I already had, which she did. But I had no idea she was an incredible singer too. I remember the moment in my studio when she effortlessly transitioned from rapping into singing. I’ve never really heard anyone do that before with such ease.”

Like a freshly restored museum piece presented in a gleaming, modern display case, “Glory” brings the past and present together to stunning effect.