Soulstress Tanika Charles Shares New Song “Two Steps” (premiere)

Canadian soulstress Tanika Charles aims her music at international audiences on her break-out debut album, Soul Run.

Coming from a musical family in Edmonton, Canadian soulstress Tanika Charles was encouraged by her talented brother to begin singing and recording. Charles grew up singing, but never considered it as a possible career. However, the encouragement helped unleash her latent musical abilities. After a move to Toronto, Charles began working within the musical community there, and she has risen to be one of the leading lights in the Toronto soul scene and Canada at large.

Now Tanika Charles is ready to go international with debut album Soul Run releasing April 7th via Record Kicks. The record was produced by Slakah the Beatchild who has worked with Drake and others. Charles is in the Northern soul camp, possessing a sizable Motown influence blended with contemporary sounds. She and her music are utterly irresistible as you’ll hear on her new song “Two Steps” that we’re premiering today. Charles tells us that the song “is about that old ex sniffing around, trying to get back into your good books, back into your life any way they can. They’re trying to be all friendly, feeding you all the right lines, but you’ve done this dance before. It’s flattering and all, but no thanks. I’m good. Bye!”

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