Sound of Ceres: Nostalgia for Infinity

Dreamy, science-fictionesque and thought-provoking, the debut of the former Candy Claws engine room is one to get your hands on.
Sound of Ceres
Nostalgia for Infinity
Joyful Noise

Karen and Ryan Hover’s reference to the dwarf planet “Ceres” in the title of their most recent group is apt; the innovative sound presented on the band’s debut LP is as intriguing as the celestial body it namechecks. The duo, who have also collaborated with members from the Drums and the Apples in Stereo on this album, offer a record with an admirable amount of scope for a work as ambient as this. The chromatic harmonies and chordal suspensions will impress the classical musos amongst us, but the clubby bass on the dynamic “Pursuer” ensures that the record is far from just a symphonically influenced affair. The layout of this album is also well-considered. Yes, there are ambient portions which recall Dream Theatre or another titan of prog, but the band treats us to driving beats as well. Amazingly, the moments of contrast all seem to come at just the right time and in a coherent manner. This still feels like an album and not just a disjointed collection of songs, despite the variety that has been showcased. Whether it’s balancing authentic brass sounds with electronic music or mixing rock grooves with a spacier vibe, Sound of Ceres just seem to get it right every time.

RATING 8 / 10