Spaceface - "Parachute" (video) (premiere)

Spaceface, featuring Jake Ingalls of the Flaming Lips, offers celebratory video from new LP.

Today we are premiering the video for “Parachute", the new song from Spaceface, led by Jake Ingalls, also known for his guitar and synthesizer work with Spaceface. It should come as little surprise that the track and the project itself are informed by the theatrical, the psychedelic and all manners of heart and mind expansion.

Ingalls, taking a momentary breather from a seemingly constant cycle of writing, touring and recording explains that “Parachute", taken from the group’s new LP Sun Kids, originated with Spaceface’s live show.

“The music was actually first written as an instrumental feature for a specific moment in our show where we get out the same rainbow parachute you see in the video,” he says. “I'll lead the crowd in some gym-class style exercises over the music. This being the first music video Spaceface had ever tried to make, I knew doing some stuff like that would be fun.”

Never one to turn down collaboration, he was happy to take on a little help from someone close to his heart. “My girlfriend actually came up with this loose concept of people matching the colors on the parachute and eventually hugging it out and sort of magically combining all those primary colors as a sort of ‘we're all in this together message. Naturally it followed that she would film it,” he says.

The natural beauty of Memphis, Tennessee served as the perfect location for film. Fresh from a gig opening for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ingalls spread word among his friends and had them gather in a city park. It was a video shoot, yes, but much more:

“It ended up being really just a celebration of a day, with a bunch of friends helping out by either shooting extra angles or putting on our clothes and playing with that chute while one of our cars, parked just outside the view of the camera, blared the song out of the stereo,” he recalls. “Right after we finished and had cleaned up the site/got the car off of the grass, a cop came by to see what was going on so we narrowly escaped probably having to pay some ridiculous fine.”

What had begun as an instrumental passage had evolved into something more, a song that Ingalls hopes will prove inspirational to listeners. “The song itself is about embracing this huge level of trust you give to a person while you're falling in love. How it's scary and blissful at the same time.”

The tune occupies the first slot on Sun Kids, which is out now, and Ingalls finally says this of the song: “I think if you've never heard of us, it's a great introduction to the sound and our general personalities.”

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