Sparks - "The Final Derriere" (Singles Going Steady)

This is a freaking brilliant video matched by an impressively sublime song.

Paul Duffus: One of the marks of a great band is that it's impossible to mistake them for anyone else. Baroque pop about bums and lobotomies? It can only be Sparks. "Final Derriere" is funny and peachy fresh. What more is there to tell about Sparks at this point? They released their debut album about 44 years ago. The Beatles were only together for ten. That makes Sparks nearly four and half times better than the Beatles. It's science. [9/10]

Steve Horowitz: This is a freaking brilliant video matched by an impressively sublime song! The cinematic techniques of silent movies make a somewhat strange topic (haunted by butts!) mixed with old-fashioned lobotomies (complete with a hinged skull for easy access) into something compelling. Like a good horror film. It’s scary and funny—as is the music. It captures that same mix of cheese and obsession into a tune you could whistle while carrying a patient off to the psych ward after stealing the person’s meds. Way cool! [9/10]

Dustin Ragucos: "The Final Derriere" is a prototypical example of a music video where it's difficult to untangle the song from the video. To claim that it's Mr. Bungle-esque is a strange matter because Mike Patton might not like the extra oomph of an -esque paired next to his project, yet Mr. Bungle-like this music video is. Maybe instead of a lobotomy, behavioral conditioning is in order? [8/10]

John Garratt: If the purpose of this song and video was to diminish the sexual appeal of back-sides, then it is a resounding success. If it was shooting for something else, then I'm not sure what to say. [6/10]

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