Spencer Ludwig Wants to Forget Social Media and Just Wants to Dance (premiere)

Photo: Jason Peterson (Press Here)

Trumpet playing pop phenom Spencer Ludwig shares new earworm single "Just Wanna Dance" urging us to enjoy life away from social media for just a little while.

Pop-funk artist Spencer Ludwig is a nattily dressed, trumpet-playing, sexy dancing pop phenom who creates catchy earworms with seeming ease. On his latest single, "Just Wanna Dance", Ludwig concocts an upbeat antidote to our troubled times, imploring that "I just wanna dance / I don't wanna think about nothin'". It's an understandable sentiment as we are all coming out of a winter of worry with warming temperatures and the desire for things to seem normal again. "Just Wanna Dance" could be an anthem for those feelings, and it's a funky number with disco hues that makes you want to jump up and dance and maybe enjoy some time in the sunshine.

But it's not just politics that has left us feeling disconnected; it's also the way in which social media has infected every little corner of our lives. Ludwig longs for genuine feeling and joy, authentic experiences that actually make life better and more fun.

Ludwig tells PopMatters that "this is a very DIY video made using screen recordings from my phone of my actual social media posting. It highlights how social media is so heavily intertwined in my life and often an overwhelming amount, but this time I used it to be creative and productive to produce this video which expresses my true desire to dance and enjoy life outside of social media."

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