Spider Rockets - "Sick" (video) (premiere)

Spider Rockets share the new track "Sick", which bears the grit and grim of the New York/New Jersey clubs the quartet cut its teeth in.

Spider Rockets may be one of the loudest, most energetic bands around the moment. With vocalists Helena Cos' unmistakable growl at the forefront, alongside guitarist Johnny Nap's hook-laden riffs, the quartet is as much about the infectious sounds of AC/DC and Judas Priest as it is the most memorable, gut-punching moments of acts such as L7.

"Sick" is one of several tracks bears the grit and grim of the New York/New Jersey clubs the quartet cut its teeth in. It's the sound of a band that knows that there's a deep connection between beats per minute and beers sold. These quick and memorable bursts of musical power give the listener a reason to return. And, in the case of sick, Cos' delivery of a delicious kiss-off sells the whole thing.

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