"Far Flung" Is Aptly-Titled Tune From Future Release By spoony bard (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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When David Nord tired of jazz, he turned to the music he heard around him. All of it. The result? spoony bard's deeply singular approach.

spoony bard grabs from the L.A. beat scene, jazz, avant-garde, electronic music and pools it with a sense of humor and introspective lyrics, a dizzying, sometimes disorienting sound that will garner comparisons to Dalek, Lotus, Aphex Twin and others. The project is the vehicle under which David Nord works. A jazz composer and guitarist by training, his interest in hip-hop and electronic music led him to explore a new variety of sounds and styles via this unique project.

His experiments expansions ultimately led to Dweeb, the debut from spoony bard, released in 2017. A similar but slightly evolved vision emerges on "Far Flung", slated for inclusion on a sophomore effort tentatively titled Old Friends and due later this year. "Far Flung" is ceaseless in its sonic exploration, restless in its vision and tireless in its sense of invention. While the disparate influences could easily prove a distraction, they ultimately create a sense of sonic unity that forges a new path into music's future.

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Jedd Beaudoin
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