Star Parks Go for the Immediate with "Something More" (premiere)

Photo: Letitia Smith / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Star Parks offer listeners a sophisticated, soulful pop sound on their new single "Something More".

"Something More" is the latest single from Star Parks, from their upcoming album, The New Sounds of Late Capitalism, releasing on 14 February via Modern Outsider. Having grown from a solo act to an expansive, multi-piece orchestra, Star Parks offer listeners a sophisticated, soulful pop sound that lands somewhere between Roxy Music and Saturday Looks Good yet carries a particular combination of starkness and buoyancy. If these are the sounds of late capitalism, at least we can shake our groove thing as the chairs shift on the deck, and the water rises. If we've seen this movie before, we at least know that the band plays on.

Founder Andy Bianculli says, "It's a now or never song. Knowing you're not going to be able to live with something or someone anymore because it will never be enough. And I suppose it's a time travel song. Maybe like that movie Magnolia where it's all just a weird cycle and nothing ever gets resolved. I think it's a greedy song too. I know the subject has been covered pretty thoroughly and better than this in song, but it's about not being satisfied, which I feel quite often. I didn't realize I had put so many references to doors and windows in my songs. But I like that image for this song in particular. Just staring at a door and not being able to walk through it or walking through one and wanting to go back.

"There's a lot of Motown in there and everything from bells and tingshas and car keys and a garden weasel as well. I think I spent the most time writing this song than anything else on the record because I really liked the hook, and I didn't want to blow it. And we ran it through five different keys, sped it up, slowed it down before we came back to the original. We had the idea to make it like a Four Tops song at some point, but I don't think we ever got there. It turned into a bit of a suite in three parts, my favorite being the lounge organ bridge shoved in the middle."


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