Stef Lang - 'ARROWS Part 1' (EP stream) (premiere)

The Canadian singer-songwriter has relocated to New York City and successfully reinvented herself as a modern pop/R&B chanteuse.

Best known for her 2010 hit "Mr. Immature", which was a sassy update on the early 2000s singer-songwriter model set by Michelle Branch, Canadian artist Stef Lang has since relocated to New York City and reinvented herself. Now creating a hybrid of pop, R&B, and hip hop, Lang's trademark wit and personality is still present on the new EP ARROWS Part 1, but there's more of a sense of adventurousness, ranging from steamy tracks similar to Banks and more playful fare like the fun "Burn It to the Ground". It's a winner.

"The ARROWS Part 1 EP is the first half of my first full length album upon moving to New York," Lang says. "I've written and produced all the songs out of my home studio in Brooklyn... It's pop with an R&B undertone with some hip-hop elements. The songs are based on and inspired by evolution, change, coming into my artistry, recreating myself... as well as letting go of old people, habits and situations and essentially doing things my way. The title Arrows is reflective of the struggle, pain, and setbacks that happen along the way because of all those changes. It also represents setting new goals and aiming for something higher."

ARROWS Part 1 will be released on 27 October.

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