Stevie B. Wolf - "Alone + Alive" (video) (premiere)

Photo by Jason Riker

The Colorado artist explores love and heartbreak in his own unique way on his new track.

Boulder, Colorado singer-songwriter Stevie B. Wolf released his new EP Alone + Alive a couple weeks ago, and has now put out a new video for the gently catchy title track.

"My favorite thing about Alone + Alive was this duality," he explains. "When I wrote the song, it just kind of tumbled out of my mouth in a moment of such frustrated pain: I hated her guts but I missed her perfume; I blamed her for everything but it was also my fault; I never wanted to talk to her again, but wanted her to love me and miss me.

"Love in general and heartbreak in particular is never all one way - for me, it's always so muddled. There's a lot of songs that lament and say 'I miss you! I want you back!' and a lot of songs that say 'don't call me! We're never getting back together!' 'Alone + Alive' says both of those things at the same time."

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