Photo: Katrena Rochell

Stewart Eastham – “Leavin’ By Sundown” (premiere)

Seeking to create an album of songs with a “head bobbin’ vibe”, the slow country churn of Stewart Eastham's latest single, "Leavin' By Sundown", fits that bill.

Having relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles at the turn of the decade, singer/songwriter Stewart Eastham launched his solo career in 2013 after disbanding his original group, Day of the Outlaw. Reconvening the rhythm section of his former band for sophomore solo outing Dancers in the Mansion, Eastham’s goal was to create an album of songs with a “head bobbin’ vibe”.

The slow country churn of Eastham’s latest single, “Leavin’ By Sundown”, fits that bill. Penned while writing songs for his debut album, The Man I Once Was, the folk-leaning song took a different turn in a band setting: “The song turned out a bit more country than I thought it would. In the band, we always referred to it as having a Creedence Clearwater Revival vibe, so I thought of it as having more of a rock bent. The core rhythm of the song has the CCR feel, but once we layered on all the vocals and pedal steel, it didn’t sound anything like CCR.”

Eastham’s latest album, Dancers in the Mansion, can be purchased via Bandcamp.