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Stiff Records Classic Reissues

Stiff Records -- the original indie label that launched the careers of Elvis Costello, Madness and Shane MacGowan -- re-releases six classic albums on April 3 2007.

Wreckless Eric -- Big Smash

…features his classic single, "Whole Wide World" as featured in the latest Will Ferrell movie Stranger Than Fiction – “the gem of the collection” according to the New York Times. Eric Goulden has just returned from an extensive US tour and this double CD compiles the best moments from his albums, Wreckless Eric and the Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric, both released in 1978. Big Smash also includes rare tracks, B-sides, imports and a new, off-the-wall commentary from the man himself.

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Tracey Ullman -- You Broke My Heart In Seventeen Places

This is the first ever CD release for Tracey’s debut album, which originally sold over 150,000 copies back in the early '80s. With hits like "Breakaway" and "Move Over Darling", Tracy built a major pop career in the UK before moving to the US and HBO to build an equally major TV career. This album has always been sought after by Kirsty MacColl fans, for her contributions that are evident throughout, not least on Tracey’s cover of MacColl’s classic "They Don’t Know". Includes four bonus tracks and new sleeve notes.

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Rachel Sweet -- Fool Around

The one they call the original Joss Stone, Rachel was 16 when she recorded her debut album of belting R&B for Stiff in 1978. Here it finally is on CD with bonus tracks and deluxe packaging. Rachel had been discovered on a Stiff trade mission to the thriving alternative music scene of Akron, Ohio, that lead to her first release for the label -- a contribution to an Akron compilation that also featured Jane Aire, the Waitresses and the Bizarros -- that was packaged in a scratch ’n’ sniff sleeve! Like Tracey Ullman, Rachel moved into US TV but as a writer/producer working on -- amongst others -- Dharma & Greg and Seinfeld.

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Dirty Looks -- The Complete Stiff Years

This double CD compilation centres around Stiff’s biggest ever album release in the US -- the self-titled debut from the Staten Island-based power pop trio that sold over 100,000 copies in 1980. This three-piece came across like a feisty version of XTC playing, as they often did, CBGBs in the US and alongside fellow Stiff proto-punks Any Trouble and Tenpole Tudor in the UK. Disc One is largely produced by Tim Friese-Green (Talk Talk) and Disc Two -- centring around their second album, Turn It Up -- is produced by the Motors’ Nick Garvey. This deluxe package features 13 tracks available on CD for the first time, plus singles, B-sides and live tracks.

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Any Trouble -- Where Are All the Nice Girls?

A regular fixture in Nancy Griffith’s touring band, Clive Gregson is also often found performing as part of a trio with Eddie Reader and the Bible’s Boo Hewerdine. But it’s his early work on Stiff with Any Trouble that’s the stuff of legend. Like a looser, more upbeat version of Elvis Costello and the Attractions, this is a long awaiting CD issue for Any Trouble’s debut album, which originally appeared in 1980. At that time Melody Maker declared it “recommended by this paper with an enthusiasm that probably left the group red at the neck with flustered embarrassment.” More recently they’ve been described by Mojo as “a fine body of men... what fine songs too... gems from Clive Gregson's formative years. Wonderful on vinyl, wonderful on CD.”

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