Strange Boy Hits on a Winning Formula on "Love Remains" (premiere)

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On "Love Remains", London duo Strange Boy stretch a curtain of misty, murmuring synths that gradually lift as Kieran Brunt's voice swells and grows with the music.

Musical chemistry isn't always obvious. What may seem like a winning combination on paper, for whatever reason, can often fall short. Fortunately, for London-based duo, Strange Boy, the chemistry between them was immediate, despite their coming from hugely different musical backgrounds.

Kieran Brunt and Matt Huxley first got together in 2016 after Brunt had expressed a desire to collaborate with a lyricist who would challenge him musically. With Brunt coming from a choral background and Huxley having written scores for BBC documentaries, the duo quickly found that their styles complimented each other.

After the release of last year's well-received, Annunciation EP, the pair return with the first offering from their forthcoming Suburbia EP, released July 6th. Fitting the recording of new songs around Brunt's work as a vocalist and composer on Nils Frahm's incredible, recent album All Melody, the pair worked with Jake Aron (Grizzly Bear, Snail Mail, Solange) on the EP.

On "Love Remains", the duo stretch a curtain of misty, murmuring synths that gradually lift as Brunt's voice swells and grows with the music. Brunt's voice is a potent force but one which the duo wisely utilize sparingly. Lyrically, the song comes across like a requiem at the end of a battle with lyrics like "After all has been fought and won / You will lay down your arms with grace" and "After all have been hung out dead / Love remains."

Demonstrating a clear progression from anything on Annunciation, Brunt and Huxley delve deeper into the possibilities afforded by their distinctive musical personalities and unique understanding.

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