Studio Killers - "Party Like It's Your Birthday" (track review)

Studio Killers' sexy, retro-futuristic paean to partying is pool party ready for the hot summer months ahead.

Shrouded in virtual anonymity since they first made an international splash in May of 2011 with "Ode to the Bouncer", electropop collective Studio Killers have maintained an air of mystery over the years, letting their animated alter-egos dominate their state-of-the-art live shows and music videos. Four years have passed since their last stellar single, "Grand Finale", and fans were wondering if that truly might be the last time they'd hear from Cherry, Goldie Foxx, and Dyna Mink. In mid-February, their social media accounts suddenly roared back to life, and on Valentine's Day, the group returned with a brand new animated blog, Friday playlists, artist sketches, fashion-friendly "Outfits of the Day", and now their latest track, "Party Like It's Your Birthday".

Riding on a wave of a rubbery bass line and disco-flecked hand claps, this sexy, retro-futuristic paean to partying is pool party ready for the hot summer months ahead. Faintly reminiscent of Daft Punk's ubiquitous hit "Get Lucky", the track features one hell of an infectious chorus and an equally grin-inducing music video to boot. Tapping into a 21st-century culture obsessed with selfies, "likes", and swiping left or right, the action picks up where their last video "Jenny" left off, reuniting Cherry with her object of desire. Like a Facebook "Year in Review" recap, it might not be as gloriously elaborate as some of their past animated outings, but it is a welcome return for a band who deserves to break into the mainstream consciousness. This delightfully addictive anthem just might be the ticket.

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