Stuporhero: Last Star Shining

Last Star Shining
Basement Tape

Don’t let short and sweet fool you, Stuporhero are quite adept at both. The opener “Flying Discs” sounds like a perfect three-minute pop prize but cuts out 40 seconds after it starts. Nonetheless, Last Star Shining is quite stunning to listen to. This is especially true of the toe-tapping “Superball” that’s a bundle of sonic energy while the title track is worthy of multiple hundred listens. But Stuporhero up the ante a bit with the rowdy, Replacements-ish “You Have to Be Joking” which is gloriously ragged around the edges. Fans of smart Brit pop acts would also enjoy the tender “Vantage Point” that rarely gets above a mid-tempo beat. Another highlight halfway through is “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” which causes at least subtle humming on the listener’s part as does the high harmonies that makes “Chasing Fireflies” quite delectable. Overall, it is a short album but one which would leave one smiling in a happy stupor.

RATING 7 / 10