Seattle's Subways on the Sun Contemplate What It Would Be Like "Just to Be With You" (premiere)

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Subways on the Sun offer up some powerful, guitar-driven pop on "Just to Be With You" that recalls the best of early Jimmy Eat World, Mew, and Muse.

Seattle's Subways on the Sun issue their sophomore release, Capsize, on September 21 via Spartan Records. The group's latest single, "Just to Be With You" at times recalls Muse's most energetic leanings with powerful riffs and synth sounds that permeate the entire album. Fans of the band's debut, The Honeymoon Stagecoach (2013) will find the new effort grittier and (arguably) more anthemic.

With touchstones such as Mew, Jimmy Eat World, the Cure, and Death Cab For Cutie mentioned, the LP promises to keep listeners on their toes while also admiring Subways on the Sun's own musical ingenuity.

Speaking specifically about "Just to Be With You", vocalist/guitarist Erick Newbill says, "We wanted an album opener that was intentionally dramatic, and going to great lengths for love and the longing to feel connected was the right theme to get us there. People, places, and things throughout our lives have such deep meaning, and this song is in many ways a reflection of that."

He adds, "We wrote it late at night during one of our sessions at a remote cabin outside the Seattle area a few years ago, and the music and lyrics came more effortlessly than a lot of the other songs on the record. The synths and bass really drove the song from the start, giving us a lot of space to get creative with layers of guitars."

While words such as "shimmering" and "ethereal" can be bandied about to describe music in a way that sometimes violates international laws as often as good taste, both seem appropriate for this latest single.

Capsize is available for pre-order. All pre-orders include and instant download of "Just to Be With You" and "I Hope You Like Getting Old".

Additionally, Spartan recently reissued The Honeymoon Stagecoach as a free download via the label's website and Bandcamp. It is also available on streaming services. Stream/download the re-release here.

Record release show: 9/14- Seattle, WA- Columbia City Theatre (21+. 8:00 pm) (with Fell From a Star andNorthern Nomads)

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