Sugar Joans - "NVR" (audio) (premiere)

The young singer makes a strong first impression on her edgy new R&B track.

Best known for appearing on Season seven of The Voice, Los Angeles-based artist Sugar Joans is set to make her debut with the slow-burning alternative R&B single "NVR", which was produced by Passion Pit drummer Chris Hartz.

"I feel like everyone has that one person in their life that they can't help but think ‘what if?’" Joans says. "No matter how messed up or complicated the relationship was, it still has a hold on you. And you want to think that if things were different, or if you hadn't walked away, that maybe it would have changed. That feeling has haunted me for years, so now I just write songs about it."

"NVR will be released on 11 November, and can be pre-ordered here.

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