Sugarplum Fairies Traverses "Dedeaux Fields" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Planetary Group

Operating under the name Sugarplum Fairies, Silvia Ryder's latest pulls at our heartstrings with a music video that offers a universally relatable look back on a fleeting relationship.

Somewhere between the luxuriate haze of shimmering indie pop and the nostalgic idealism of contemporary dream pop lies the music of Sugarplum Fairies. The stage moniker of Los Angeles import (by way of Vienna) Silvia Ryder, she and a revolving crew of talented guests craft the dreamy but world-aware indie pop tunes of which her upcoming album, Payday Flowers, is comprised. Before the record's 20 July release on Bandcamp, Sugarplum Fairies is ushering in their newest track, "Dedeaux Fields" with PopMatters alongside a music video.

The music video itself is as charming as the song it accompanies. Featuring an unbearably relatable message as Ryder slips on her rose-tinted glasses to look back on a fleeting relationship, its gentle ruminations are quick to embrace its audience with an evocative wistfulness. It is a song that is quick to unify us with its simultaneously universal and deeply personal look back on a sweet moment in life that has since passed, and its music video only helps to further accentuate these reflective charms.

Produced by Noise & Pixels, the music video for "Dedeaux Fields" stars Danielle Dolinger and Marlon Rabenreither, also featuring director and director of photography Jenna Putnam and color grading by Dave Emmendorfer.

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