Sunbathers - "Honeysuk" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Shane Gardner

Light, danceable track from D.C./Baltimore group runs deeper than you think. But don't let that stop you from shaking it.

When song and band unite to excite our basic enthusiasm, it’s a great thing. Witness this new track from Sunbathers, “Honeysuk". The infectious, new heights-reaching track lasts a mere four minutes but remains with us for much longer. It functions as both a dance floor anthem and a piece worthy of meditating on via its exploration of all things sexy. The accompanying video compliments the track’s subtle funkiness as well as its light sense of humor and appreciation of the carnal.

The Washington, D.C./Baltimore-based outfit’s vocalist/synth player Sean Lynott offers this about “Honeysuk”: “It became one of our favorite songs to play out this past year, and we’re excited to share it now beyond our live show,” he says. “We like to think it has a particular energy and that we’ve accurately captured that in the studio. It’s a song with a most joyous exterior with glimmers of desperation.” For the video, the band worked with D.I.Y. or Die Productions and Lynott is quick to sing the company’s praises. “We are very pleased with how the visual compliments the spirit of the song. We’re looking forward to seeing how people interpret and react to it.”

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