Sunday State Celebrates Punk's Buzz and Howl Via "Call Your Bluff" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Grandstand Media

Featuring members of Mudhoney, Paper Cameras, and Mission Spotlight, Sunday State is one of the loudest band's you'll hear in either stereo or mono.

Sunday State is the songwriting duo of Portland's Kurt Foster (Mission Spotlight) and Michael Carothers (Paper Cameras). Described by pal Jason Lytle as "like real space cowboy shit, equal parts Ultravox, Merle Haggard, and Mazzy Star," the duo enlisted the help of pals Steve Turner (Mudhoney) and Thom Sullivan (Pynnacles) in the recording of their debut EP, Mono (recorded in mono). Tracking was done at Jackpot Studio in Portland with Tape Op editor Larry Crane at the helm. The current live version of the band features Fostter and Carothers as well as Jeremy Dietz (bass) and Thom Sullivan (drums).

"Call Your Bluff" marries the bass-heavy angst of classic British post-punk with the heft and howl of the noisy, start/stop round kicks of American indie rock of the 1990s and aughts. If you love buzz and howl, fuzz and fun, Sunday State is decidedly a band for you, one that'll have you throwing your arms in the air with sonic solidarity.

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