Japanese Supergroup Suzisuzi Returns With "Microphone's Counter Attack" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Clocking in under two minutes, Suzisuzi's "Microphone's Counter Attack" is the stuff punk rock dreams are made of.

Japanese punk-metal quartet Suzisuzi returns with its sophomore LP, Microphone's Counter Attack via Pure Evil Records on 25 May. The LP features plenty of the band's idiosyncratic brand of unbridled rock, including the titular track. Clocking in under two minutes, "Microphone's Counter Attack" is the stuff punk rock dreams are made of: Loud, careening guitars, rhythms that call to mind multi-vehicle pileups on the interstate, lyrics that may mean everything of may mean nothing at all. It's no surprise that this collective can carry that off for a minute and some change but that it does so with equal energy and enthusiasm across the rest of the album is commendable.

The outfit brings together members of Yellow Machinegun former members of Abnormals who met 15 years ago. The all-woman Yellow Machinegun hailed from Osaka and incorporated screaming vocals that was particularly unique at the time. The group's enthusiasm and energetic live shows ultimately led to dates with Slayer, Motorhead and S.O.D., as well as a split release with the latter. Meanwhile, Abnormals have been exciting Japanese punk audiences since the late 1980s.

That aforementioned meeting led to a split release and then the initial Suzisuzi formation, which brought together Abnormals guitarist IxSxO and drummer Murochin together with Yellow Machinegun bassist/vocalist Kaori. (K♠ of the Pure Evil label rounds out the group.) Now, Microphone's Counter Attack promise to introduce the band to a new audience and to reignite interest from older fans as well.





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