Swaying Wires - "Nowhere" (audio) (premiere)

The Finnish band puts their own unique spin on Americana.

Led by singer-songwriter Tina Karkinen, Finnish band Swaying Wires put a distinct Nordic spin on traditional Americana. Subtle elements of psychedelia creep into the music adding richness and mystery -- not unlike the Sadies, come to think of it -- which you can hear on the new track "Nowhere", from their new album I Left a House Burning, which will be released on 15 January.

"I'd say this song is about feeling tied down by circumstances that you feel unable to change," Karkinen tells PopMatters. "It's the type of song you might enjoy listening to while driving late at night, going someplace new, leaving another place behind. One funny thing is that the working title for this song has always been 'Country', so we just kept calling it that. Now if someone asked me to play 'Nowhere' it would take a second to figure out which song they're referring to (even though I named it myself)."

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