Photo: Plume Photography (Amanda Reynolds)

The Sweater Set’s ‘Fly on the Wall’ Is Inspiriting Indie Folk (premiere) (album stream)

Recorded in front of a live audience, the Sweater Set's Fly on the Wall may be the indie folk duo's most magical release yet.

The Sweater Set have been performing together for just about a decade, but Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary are still finding new ways to surprise one another. Fly on the Wall was developed with this mentality, its magic rooted in an impending moment wherein both members of the folk duo would eventually give birth to twins within seven months of one another. The album’s title implies the process through which it was recorded, with 50 fans present who had paid for admission to be actual “flies on the wall”. A live show, recording session, and party all rolled into one, the Sweater Set’s latest is perhaps the most beautiful dedication to their friendship and what it has cultivated that the duo have yet created.

Before its 8 May release, PopMatters is premiering the entirety of Fly on the Wall. A collection of inspiriting modern folk tunes that burst with accessible melodies and gorgeous harmonies, the album bursts with optimistic energy that feels positively needed in the world right now. It’s also the first album that the duo has recorded as mothers, and it shows in the outlook that they had shared while developing it. Perhaps Fly on the Wall’s opus, the driving “Change” reflects on those recent moments that have changed everything for the Sweater Set—pervading the very fabric of their artistry, let alone their humanity.

Curtin reflects, “Band practice has to be a little more efficient than it was in the early days, that’s for sure. Now we get together when the clock strikes naptime and close our cases when a baby – or four – cries out over the monitor.”

Andary adds, “I really hope that our story will resonate with new and expectant parents. We want others to know that you can still be an artist and be a parent. It’s been a challenge to juggle everything. Being a parent is the hardest thing. You need all the support you can get.”